The Maine Lobster Festival is an annual event during the summer celebrating all aspects of the Maine lobster industry.  It is held at Harbor Park in Rockland, Maine, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors.  During the 2008 Maine Lobster Festival, over 20,000 pounds of Maine lobster was prepared and served.

Highlights of the Festival include the crowning of the Maine Sea Goddess, cooking contests, exhibits about marine life and the lobster industry, a Big Parade down Rockland’s Main Street, and a lobster crate race, in which the goal is to walk across as many partially submerged lobster crates as possible before falling into the water; the record is 4,501 crates crossed by a 12-year old boy from Connecticut.

It's all about the lobster at the Maine Lobster Festival. Kelly Woods Photo
It’s all about the lobster at the Maine Lobster Festival. Kelly Woods Photo


  1. Hi!

    I am bringing a small group of aprox. 12 people to Maine from Texas for a week vacation summer of 2011. Do you know when date yet the 2011 Maine Lobster Festival will be held? I am from Massachusetts and my brother owns a home both in Maine and Massachusetts and my friends have never expereinced New England before, they are so excited I chose Maine for our vacation destination.

  2. When is the best time to come to Maine and tour restaurants that specialize in lobster dishes. What are the recommended cities to visit?

  3. Have never been to Maine, would love to experience the famous Lobster Fest. Would need to know the dates in 2012 to plan my trip. Any hints as to other fun Maine fests?

  4. Hi, My family and i will be comming to Maine in July/August for the Lobster Festival. Can you give me information on where to stay.Hotel or bed and breakfast would be really nice. Thank You, Marlene Vogt

  5. What months are best for getting cold water lobster in restaurants. We were told that after the middle of October that you can no longer get lobster in resaurants..Is this true.

    Thank you

  6. I am interested in info on next years lobster festival and ir the best time to enjoy Maine for Lobster season thanki you

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