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  1. I got a recipe from a friend for grilling lobster tail and it’s simple and delicious! I wasn’t aware that lobster tail could even be grilled, but it can.First, I melt butter and add some fresh minced garlic and fresh squeezed lemon juice (all according to how many tails), then i just split the tails lengthwise down the center and open them up. Baste em with the butter i prepared (not too much) and sprinkle with some sea salt and finely ground pepper and place them on the grill (already hot), flesh side down for about 4 min, and then on their backs for about 2-3 min, and baste once more while in this position. Also, right before I remove them from the grill (top rack) I like to place them on the lower rack on high flame for about 45 seconds. Remove and there you have it, and I promise, they are absolutely delicious! When I cook steak with them, I cook the steaks on the lower rack and the juices from the lobster tails drip onto the steaks and it’s fabulous!

  2. they way i was raised on lobster is, we actually kill the lobster and then clean them. after they stop kicking around they are placed in a pan and the tail is cut down the middle and melted butter is placed inside the tail. the lobsters are then baked for about 20 mins, we usually bake at least 6 and u need that many to make this dish, after they are done baking take them out of the baking dish and when they are almost done baking boil about a pound of angel hair pasta, add this to the pan of lobster butter and serve the pasta along with the lobster. the pasta tastes even better the next day when the lobster butter soaks into the pasta.

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