If you are choosing a live lobster from a tank at a restaurant or from a live seafood dealer, the most important thing to look for is the lobster’s activity and the shape of the lobster’s tail.

Look for a lobster that seems active and alive, and the more active, the better.  The lobster should be moving around and holding its claws upwards; avoid lobsters whose claws hang limp.  And look for a lobster whose tail is straight; never pick a lobster whose tail is curled while it is still alive.

Color is not an important factor in picking a lobster, since healthy lobsters come in a range of colors from green to brown to black, and other colors.  (All lobsters — except rare white lobsters — turn bright red when cooked.

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  1. when a lobster curls his tail in a tank it could be because of shock to the environment it’s placed into,however often a lobster curls his tail sometimes in defeat and sometimes while adapting to it’s area it will also straightening it’s tail in defense,for better traction…. How to choose a live lobster comment… great information……. wanted to add a couple points………..capt seaweed

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