Live lobsters provide the best, most tender meat, and the best lobster dinner starts with a live lobster.  Frozen lobster is often tough, since the freezing process toughens the flesh, and when you buy a live lobster, delivered complete with claws, you can be sure you are receiving a true cold water Maine lobster, and not a warm water Spiny lobster or Rock lobster.

Lobster delivery is available to most areas in the United States and Canada, and since there isn’t really a particular Maine lobster season, it is possible to enjoy live lobsters throughout the year.

Many restaurants have lobster tanks, and there are a few things you should know about how to choose your lobster, or you can order hard shell lobsters shipped directly to your home to cook yourself.

How to keep a lobster alive

A lobster remains fresh only while it remains alive, so if you order live lobsters shipped to your home, it is important to keep them alive until you are ready to cook.  It is best to cook the lobsters the day they arrive, but it is possible to keep them alive for another day in the refrigerator.  The lobsters should be packed with a damp towel or papers, or if they arrived packed in seaweed, they should be kept in their moist seaweed material.  Lobsters should be kept moist but not wet, and should never be or submerged in tapwater; lobsters are salt water creatures, and fresh tapwater will kill them.

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